software localization

Software translation brings up the challenge of translating text and keeping the interface identical. It starts with a run through software to extract and tag strings of translatable text. At this point, sometimes straightforward software translation just doesn't cut it.

Often, the Consell Translations team will need to substitute words if they do not fit in their designated places; known as software localization. The words must convey the intended message, but sometimes the directly translated string is just too long and a shorter word needs to be swapped in.

We can extract all of the translatable strings from your software and then put them back so your programmers can focus on what they do best.

Our software translation experience consists of; desktop and web-based software, user interface, online help files, and any online or printed documentation.

We can even build and test the localized software versions, ensuring that our high standards of translation quality are met.


Mobile & app testing

We also offer mobile and app translation and have the capacity to translate drivers and utilities for computer peripherals and the corresponding documentation. We're mobile software translation champs. From changing wording to fit mobile menus to making sure the user experience isn't lost in translation, we'll make your next project a snap.

Mobile software translation is a lot like regular software translation; it brings up the challenge of translating text and keeping the interface identical. Design-oriented content is always a challenge and you want to keep your interface nice and clean. First, we run a program to extract and tag all of the translatable text.

Once the Consell Translations team has their hands on it, we inevitably have a new challenge; directly translated words that don't fit on minuscule mobile buttons and menus. It can be a challenge at times, but translators then substitute in shorter words without loosing the original meaning. Ultimately, we make it fit and make it work.

Different projects have different requirements. Let's talk about yours.