Quality Assurance


Consell Translations embraces ISO 15038:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our working processes comply with the European ISO 17100 standards, including workflow standardization, documentation, role descriptions and responsibility areas, monitoring and reporting.

Our ISO-certified and audited 6-step process delivers consistent quality across the 20 languages we provide.  ISO is only part of the equation: we also guarantee that the translators and reviewers assigned to your project are living in target countries.


STEP 1 - Each project has a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the entire project, from quote to delivery.

STEP 2 - The source and target languages required are assessed, and only translators who are fully fluent in both languages and who reside in the country of the target language are selected. This ensures that cultural relevance is kept intact.

STEP 3 - The level and type of technical knowledge required is assessed, and we ensure that the team consists of translators from the appropriate area of expertise. If necessary, detailed glossaries and terminology databases are built to keep industry-standard jargon consistent throughout the project.

STEP 4 - On large-scale translation projects, a Senior Translator is assigned to oversee multiple translators and ensure consistency throughout the translated text.

STEP 5 - The translated text is reassigned to experienced Translation Reviewers for final editing. We believe that fresh eyes find more errors, so this step is crucial to maintaining our high standard of translation quality.

STEP 6 - Finally, an in-context review is conducted to ensure that text and characters have arrived safely in their intended locations. This is to check that layout has not affected the context of the text and that everything reads the way it was intended.