Quality Assurance

As an international provider supported by the best technology, deep subject matter expertise, strong project management and agile processes we serve our clients with devotion, professionalism and meticulous care. 

Consistent high-quality

we are ISO 17100 certified

Consell Translations is ISO 17100 certified following a successful audit by Vincotte. 

ISO 17100 provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications. 

During our 20+ years of operating in the translation and localization sector we have always worked in accordance with the latest standards. Our quality management system has been certified to ISO 15038 and ISO 9001 since 2006.

Our 17100 ISO-certified and audited 6-step process delivers consistent quality across all the languages we provide.  

STEP 1 - Each project has a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the entire project, from quote to delivery.

STEP 2 - The source and target languages required are assessed, and only translators who are fully fluent in both languages and who reside in the country of the target language are selected. This ensures that cultural relevance is kept intact.

STEP 3 - The level and type of technical knowledge required is assessed, and we ensure that the team consists of translators from the appropriate area of expertise. If necessary, detailed glossaries and terminology databases are built to keep industry-standard jargon consistent throughout the project.

STEP 4 - On large-scale translation projects, a Senior Translator is assigned to oversee multiple translators and ensure consistency throughout the translated text.

STEP 5 - The translated text is reassigned to experienced Translation Reviewers for final editing. We believe that fresh eyes find more errors, so this step is crucial to maintaining our high standard of translation quality.

STEP 6 - Finally, an in-context review is conducted to ensure that text and characters have arrived safely in their intended locations. This is to check that layout has not affected the context of the text and that everything reads the way it was intended.

ISO is only part of the equation, we also guarantee that the translators and reviewers assigned to your project are living in target countries and are experts in a specific domain with more than 15 years of experience.

Consell Translations is built with quality and transparency in mind. We integrate the attitude of quality in our daily work and continuously challenge ourselves to improve our processes and systems to provide services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.


Extra layer in quality control

We use specialized quality assurance tools which help us to guarantee high-quality translations by providing automated tasks. These include file comparison tools, terminology checkers, spellcheckers, punctuation and number checking, consistency checking (including reverse inconsistency), completeness checks (whether or not a document is translated fully), date checkers, etc. These provide an extra layer of quality control. These tools are compulsory to use for our translators, reviewers, editors, and project managers.

Data security

Confidentiality and data protection are critical for our clients therefore we take this responsibility very seriously. Signing and adhering to client Non-Disclosure Agreements is a standard and we go beyond that.

In order to control data access, all data is exclusively stored on servers owned, operated and maintained by Consell Translations, we do not employ any third-party “cloud” or SaaS solutions for data processing, storage or backup.
We use only secure client portals for the safe exchange of files and information between clients’ and our project teams.

Data loss is prevented through regular backups and a decentralized server structure.
The company network is protected by state-of-the-art security technologies that are constantly kept up to date.

We bring together appropriate experts for every project

Our pool of 800 professional experienced in-country native-speaking linguists with diverse in-depth understanding of multiple sectors and domains, allow us to select the best fit for each project. We only work with translators who have university level degrees in translation and we then screen their previous experience and test the quality of their work prior to accepting them.


Project management is key to delivering a quality and prompt service

An assigned in-house project manager (PM) controls all tasks within a project. This PM is responsible for the glossary, the file handling, archiving as well as communication with the Client. The PM also takes care of the schedules, administers the internal workflow, keeps an eye on milestones and compiles all the files for the delivery in due time.

We believe in continuity with respect to client specific project teams. A linguist with long term experience regarding the client can provide much better and consistent quality, so we strive to use the same team of linguists for the same client.

Most of our colleagues possess over 15 years of translation/localization experience. We provide them with regular quality feedback, training and professional workgroups.


High-level technical support

Our technical department consists of 3 IT specialists supporting our PM team and providing various technical services to our direct clients. Depending on the type of the requested service we can also easily involve our permanent contracted external partners.


We develop effective solution to optimize translation and localization processes including your specific requests.