A medical challenge

Getting the translation of medical UI and documentation can literally be the difference between life and death.

At Consell we try hard to get the best preparation possible for this sector and one great example of this was a project we produced for one of our clients who specialize in life science. 

The challenge we had was to localize a new radiology device that was being introduced to the Hungarian market.

Having discussed the requirements with the client, our team proposed that we contact a local hospital and enlist the help of local technicians and doctors. 

Although surprised by this approach, the client really appreciated the innovation shown by Consell. Our team set about organizing the meetings and were delighted with the response received. The net result of the meeting: a deep knowledge was gathered around terminology used, making the preparation of the TMs easier and also resulting in a clear list of “English only” terms prepared and approved quickly by the client. 

The reward for this innovation was that the project was completed ahead of schedule – with the quality that the client has come to expect from Consell, and the added bonus for the client of a delighted customer.

We recently worked with the head of the Technical Documentation Department of an automotive company who was planning to introduce a content management system to standardize the authoring process.

The translation process was not integrated in this system and the customer was concerned about resultant inefficiencies in file transfer and possible additional costs in the translation process due to the fact that the existing translation process would not enable sufficient reuse of already translated material.

He said he needed a way to ensure reliable and efficient file transfer via the web and also a system which would allow him to achieve guaranteed reuse from identical translation matches.

We provided him with these capabilities.

In the first 3 months after implementation, translation cost was cut by 25%.


When software translation goes wrong


One early morning the Managing Director of a large client arrived unexpectedly at our Budapest office. 

He looked really tired and explained that the software house they were working for would not accept the translated project completed by another vendor.

He asked if we could help to get him out of this tricky situation – his client urgently needed to start compiling the product for shipment. Our engineers and language experts looked at the assets and they were shocked by the poor quality of the work.

The analysis indicated that post-editing the current translation would take longer than starting from scratch, so priority was put on getting more than 500,000 words of software and documentation translation completed within a month. 

Getting the job done on time meant many Consell staff were working 12-14 hour days, but they were rewarded for their commitment by the warm praise they received from the client when the job was delivered both on time and to a quality that exceeded the client's expectations.  

Today we still work with the client and have expanded both the range of languages we supply as well as the business sectors.

We worked with the IT Manager of a European Airline who was looking for a simple but effective way to manage the updates to their corporate website.

The updates were being managed by their in-country offices and marketing departments, with changes being submitted to the IT department in various formats and mediums. The process was inefficient and costly due to the lack of control and the labour time spent managing the updates.

She said they needed a way to manage the updates so that changes were identified and sent for professional translation, then returned and posted to the website in a quick and efficient manner.

We provided her with these capabilities.

In the first 2 months after implementation, the average translation time for updates was reduced by 75%.