Website localization and Multilingual SEO


When localizing a website, we first identify the content and extract it into a translatable format that we can hand over to the translators and then the reviewers. Occasionally, this extraction is done for us by your web developer or site administrator, who extracts the text and later imports the translated content back into the new target language site. However, in many cases we extract the content by ourselves and this is where our technical expertise and special software program comes in.

Easy workflow for any online content localization

Besides the corporate website – which is often your most important marketing tool to advertise your products and services – there are other web‐based solutions such as landing pages, webshops. apps, videos or Software‐as‐a‐Service applications that use the same technology and require the very same technical approach from your translation partner.


Our SEO experts help you reach your target audience

You may already have translated and localized your website and web content, but did you know that building a Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) strategy is probably even more important? 

Our focus is to work with you through our in-country experts to build and execute on a strategy that will enable you to generate quality traffic for your web presence. The net result will be the selection of the most appropriate keywords, metadata and tags to ensure the highest visibility not only on Google, Bing and Yahoo but also on local search engines such as Yandex in Russia or Seznam in the Czech Republic.

We offer special marketing content solution and perform intensive research on what keywords are most frequently used for your industry sector in the target market.

Your website must promptly reflect changes to your company’s activity and development.  We help you manage all content updates.