we support your Engineering

The engineering element of a software localization project can be the difference between success or failure. At Consell we have a dedicated team that can support (or be) your engineering team. Just provide us with the original product tools and we will prepare all application texts, dialogue boxes and menus and make them available for the localization process.

Language partner with the latest technology capability



Meeting the needs of our clients requires a collaborative approach; also, the ability to respond to scope change within a project is imperative. That's why we have invested in technology such as MemoQ  to act as an effective tool to increase our productivity, optimize our processes and react to project scope creep.

We can use almost all translation software such as CAT tools, MemoQ, SDL, Trados, Déjá Vu, Localization Studio, Corel Catalyst, Star Transit, Idiom Desktop, Passolo, MS Helium, and a wide range of other localization and desktop publishing tools.

We provide layout design, DTP, homepage and software testing, printing, CD/DVD production and perform engineering tasks such build engineering and bug fixing.

We use our own ERP + translation workflow management software that was introduced in 2004 and has been developed continuously ever since.


Our translation technology capabilities include:

Content management systems

Desktop publishing

Word processing software

Translation manangement systems

Translation Memory ( TM ) tools and computer aided translations ( CAT )

Quality assurance tools

Localization tools

Revision tools

Terminology management systems

Project management software

We would be delighted to discuss with you how we help you with engineering challenges as well as demonstrate the technology we use.

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