Desktop publishing

Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding desktop publishing solution that seamlessly connects with your internal multilingual content supply chain.  

Our in-house resources support Apple & Windows platforms and can work with not only current but many legacy versions of DTP and translation/localization applications, including:

  • Across, Corel Catalyst, FlexyTrans, Logoport, Novell Red

  • Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop

  • Macromedia, Flash, QuarkXpress

  • Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Helium, Loc Studio


We can manage on your behalf

Word swells: Document length can expand by up to 20 % in different languages

Line spacing:  Separating distance between lines may need to be adjusted as some languages use less vertical space than others.

Numerical formats: Localised use of currency, date and time

Orthography and capitalisation of letters, depending on the language

Punctuation formats

Fonts and character sets across languages