Excellence in tailoring linguistic solutions

For the past 22 years Consell Translations' strength has been in our history of delivering translation and localization projects in Central & Eastern European and Benelux languages

We offer exceptional quality with over 2 decades of content localization experience. We guarantee the best adaptation of your text to the target audience, bridging the differences in culture and mentality.

We help companies communicate across countries with ease.

As a boutique Language Service Provider we can make agile decisions and change our approach quickly to respond to our clients' ever-evolving needs. Our heritage is language; we have built our business on language solutions and view the world from the country perspective first, which is why we are the partner of choice for many global organizations.



Content translation, document translation, revision, proofreading, editing, monolingual review, backtranslation, terminology


Software localization, technical, mobile, app , website, multilingual SEO, Digital media, app and software testing, voice over


Creative translation, campaign testing, copywriting, copy editing, web content development , social media, consulting

“I have every confidence that cooperation with Consell will be an asset for any business partner in translation, localisation or DTP area, and they have our high recommendation.”
„I can highly recommend our long term translation and localization partner Consell for cooperation. Consell have been our partner in localisation business for over a decade and been working on the projects of the leading clients. “

What makes Us Different

Top quality linguistic services that help our customers reach new markets easier.  Find out about our methods and services.

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The art of localization

Learn how we have helped many companies like yours to meet and exceed their expectations.

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“We have always found the staff at Consell to be responsive, courteous, friendly and above all knowledgeable in their dealings with us and they are frequently found available in after hours.”
“Consell project managers have excellent communication skills, they are very responsive, closely follow the instructions and keep the deadlines. In addition, they are very well organized, active and reliable.”



ISO 17100

Our company holds ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certification. All our processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service meet the highest standards.

Industry specific localization expertise

We have been serving many well-known international brands with our translation and localization services and we believe we can help you boost your services with our experience and flexible capacity in translation and localization in a wide variety of domains.


Various PC software including connectivity and social tools, enterprise resource management, database management, games


User manuals, technical and service documentation, marketing brochures, automotive industry specific websites

IT & technology

IT device software, user manuals and technical documentation of hardware devices, supporting websites


Medicine documentation, clinical protocols, diagnostics and therapeutical equipment, implants and surgical instruments.

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Telecommunication and consumer electronics devices, manuals and websites with full localization support.


User manuals and technical documentation for various industrial production machinery, forestry, earthworks machines and many more.


Contracts, court records, financial reports, training materials, company policies, marketing materials, brochures.

Marketing, Creative

Campaign message development, creative translation, video content localization, copywriting, transcreation, digital marketing, websites with SEO.

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Our professional and flexible approach enables us to deliver translation solutions tailored to each client.